Installation of Flat Sheets


Only drills with new steel or sharp or with carbide head shall be used. Minimum distance between holes from the edge is 40 mm.



Removing Protective Cover:

Before installation remove about 5 cm of the protective cover from the edge. When installed remove all of the cover from the sheet immediately.



Closing the End of the Sheet:

The sheet shall be stabilized by vertical supports. The end of upper side shall be fastened by aluminum tape or U-shape profile with hole.



Method of Cleaning:

Only use neutral detergents or soft soaps and soft fabrics or sponge. Wash the sheet with lukewarm water (less 60 degrees centigrade).


Cutting Method:

You can use normal cutters or saw (manual, electrical). Protective coating shall be kept till the end of the work to stop scratches on the surface of the sheet.


Exposure to Sunlight:

The anti UV side which is covered with designs shall be exposed to sunlight.


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