Installation of Corrugate Sheets


Safety During Installation

Do not step on the polycarbonate sheets during installation and apply other security issues.









Internal Resistance to Impact

Corrugated poly carbonated sheets are highly resistant to impact but if used in sports clubs an extra protective layer such as metal mesh or tri-angle three layered polycarbonate sheets with a width 10-12 mm underneath it.






Method of Installation of the Roof

General Instructions

Substructure (Ribbing):

Metal: Profile (Box) X48 till X44 or shield (T figure) and Z or IPE

Wood: Four cuts with the width of 6 cm and height of maximum 8 cm






Method of Cutting Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are cut with a manual saw or vertical electrical saw with small blade (5 blade in cm)









Longitudinal Coverage

The longitudinal coverage shall be on the ribs. The necessary coverage for all polycarbonate sheets is at least 15 cm








Transverse Coverage

Transversal coverage shall be in vertical dimension of wind and the coverage depends on the kind of sheet.








Method of Screwing Polycarbonate Sheets:

a)       The place of the holes of screw for installing to the wall is inside the corrugation.

b)       Place of the holes of screw for installing to the roof is inside the corrugation.

c)       The dimension of the hole in the sheet is 4 mm bigger than the dimension of the screw. For better performance of the gasket please clean the area around it and remove the dust from all materials.

Screws shall be tightened to the extent that no water leakage takes place and also enough space is available for shrinkage and expansion.





d) The distance between the first screws shall not be more than 5 cm.

e) During screwing tools shall not move from screws.

Never install the polycarbonate sheets with pegs.


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