Technical Specifications of Roll Polycarbonate:

Rulo polikarbonat sacların teknik özellikleri:


Polycarbonate Roll Sheets with ultra-high resistance of polycarbonate in comparison with poly ethylene films are first choice for replacement of greenhouse cover. Also the low weight and insulation property of polycarbonate sheets are other properties of this product which reduces the consumption of energy. The high resistance to different climate changes (sunlight, wind, rain, snow and etc), stability of dimensions, transparency and processability are the reasons for vast usage of this product.

Product Dimensions:

Roll Polycarbonate Sheets are produced in the following dimensions:

0.8 – 2 mm


135 cm & 160 cm


Desirable Length


Various Different Color



Vicat Softening Temperature










Both sides of Roll Polycarbonate Sheets with protecting surface coating film. On the side that is resistant to UV rays installation and maintenance of the sheet is printed.


Roll Polycarbonate sheets with high transparence percentage, vast temperature endurance, high resistance to impact in comparison to glass and also resistance to chemical materials and solvents and also the high capability of forming are good replacement for greenhouse covers, skylight patio, cover of pool roof and etc.


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