PC roof tile



Due to consideration of modern architectural industry to beauty, color and

Design variety of materials which are using in structure facade, beside their

Stability and resistance, we decided to produce and present polycarbonate

(PC) tile sheet according to universal standards, alongside various and

Attractive colors with extraordinary beauty.

The PC tile sheet is one of the most modern productions in the world which

Is produced based on polymer engineers researches. This achievement

Has been able to present itself as a suitable choice with stable and noble

Structure in European architectural and traditional sampling in modern

Architectural at roof covering. The raw materials of this kind of sheets are

Two rigid polymeric materials such as polycarbonate and acrylic with high

Degree of stability. They have high resistance against chemical materials,

heat and temperature changes up to 110 Celsius degree. J Lian J Company

also can produce this kind of sheets by ABS and acrylic material.

Please refer to the catalog for more complete information about this product                                                

Scope of application of PC roof tile :

• Flat to slope roofs

• Villas, garden pavilion

• Different kinds of roof and gable roof


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