Words of Management


You are all youngsters that can do anything, our inventor’s are inventing in high levels, and our creators are creating in high levels. All these happen under the condition of self belief. Imam Khomeini (God bless his soul)

We want to take national production to high levels of quality and quantity and prepare efficient background for our capable youngster to bloom in the modern polymer products industry.

We have used the up to date equipment of the world and local professionals to mass product various kinds of polymer sheets (polycarbonate, Acrylic, crystal and…). In a further horizon we are looking at globalization of our products branded with the holy name of Islamic Republic of Iran.

As said by our great leader we can walk in our path steadfast and firm with self confidence and determination.


Address:Central & Sales Office: Unit 5, Third Floor, Mellat Tower, In Front of Mellat Park, Valli-Asr Street, Tehran

Tel: 22658190 Fax: 22034215


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