About Us

J Lian J Company was built in Booshehr special economical zone in an area of 20000 sqm in 2003. This company with a nominal annual capacity of 28000 ton, modern equipment and machinery with standards of Europe and professional experts, is the biggest producer of polymer sheets in Middle East and has successfully produced variety of products with high quality and the ability to compete with similar European products.

J Lian J Company can produce polymer polycarbonate sheets inclusive of flat, corrugated, two-layered, three-layered triangle, acrylic, crystal in different shapes of opaque and golosh, and ABS in various colors and thicknesses.and any type of master-match and compound and joints and structures of Greenhouse.


Address:Central & Sales Office: Unit 5, Third Floor, Mellat Tower, In Front of Mellat Park, Valli-Asr Street, Tehran

Tel: 22658190 Fax: 22034215


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